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Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline – Perfect For Both You And Your Toddler

If you have a child anywhere form age three to five, then the Little Tikes bounce house trampoline is without a doubt the perfect play area for both of you. It’ll keep your tot busy and happy and give you peace of mind that they are safe and sound.

Not too big, not too small, just the right size…

Bounce houses are usually big and bulky. Fine in the backyard, but you do not want it to take up all of the living room space. The Little Tikes bounce house trampoline is perfect for both indoor and outdoor fun. Because its dimensions are 72.00″L x 72.00″W x 72.00″H – this about six feet high and six feet wide, you need not worry about your house turning into a topsy-turvy play land.

This makes it the perfect place to keep your kiddo entertained even on rainy days and those cold winter months when playing outside is out of the question.

Easy as one, two, three

Well, actually one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven. The bounce house comes with an easy seven step manual. But you’ll have it inflated in under 5 minutes, that;s how easy it is. Deflating is also simple..easier in fact. Really is as easy as one two three. That is exactly how many steps there are to do so.

This user friendly guide also has a few warnings and precautions to assure the safety of every child. Be sure to read and follow instructions precisely.

What a catch indeed

Because this bounce area is enclosed, your child can bounce to his heart’s content without the fear of falling off. The sturdy netting around it is sure to catch even the rowdiest of the bunch and its soft center is sure to cushion any blow. As long as played with properly – no climbing on the nets, as mentioned in the manual, your baby will be totally boo-boo free.

Big on the bounce, light on the pocket

Other competing inflatable bounce houses on the market can set you back anywhere from two hundred dollars up to five hundred big ones. This Little Tikes bounce house costs a fraction of that price.

Always be prepared

Although the package does not come with a pump, it does however have two repair patches to mend any nasty hole. But with a low price, simply add a blower and you’ll still be saving. Kids love it, so will you

The Little Tikes bounce house trampoline will keep your tot busy bouncing about for hours on end. Without safety being an issue, this only means one thing – your hands are free. As long as he or she is happy in there, you’ll be happy too.

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Tips On Selecting The Right Event Rental Company

Planning an event, no matter what size, can be a large undertaking. There are so many things to plan, schedule, and put into practice that you need to stay on top of things to ensure everything goes off as planned. One thing that is very important for events, especially when the event is being held outside, is hiring a good event rental company.

A great event rental company can make things so much easier on party planners. This is why it is so important for party planners to not rush their decision in hiring an event rental company. Event rental companies can not only provide you with all the decor items you need, they can also take the stress of the planner by helping to set up outdoor party tents, canopies, and decor items.

Since event rental companies offer a diverse amount of party supplies, they are used for many different type of events. So, whether you are planning a wedding, graduation ceremony, birthday party, corporate event, or fundraiser, they are your go to option to make your event a reality.

Before you go out a hire the first company you come across, there are some things that you cannot overlook. Consider the following before hiring an event rental company:

• Track record of service: The last thing you want to happen on the day of an important event is to have your service providers not live up to their agreement with you. You cannot afford for the company to be late or make mistakes when setting up your tent and other decorations. This is why it is some important to take a look at a company’s track record of service. Read reviews and see what previous clients have to say before you hire an event company.

• Rates: Obviously rates will factor into your decision. But, don’t hire someone based on price alone. If it costs you a few extra bucks to get the extra service you need, it may be worth it to ensure the day is as stress free as possible.

• Service offerings: Outside of providing the event text and canopy, you also want to use a company that can offer additional services. The fewer companies that you have to work with, the easier it will be to plan the event. Look for event companies that also offer services such as chairs and tables, audio equipment, heaters, portable toilets, glassware, china, cutler and other items that you will need for the event.

• Custom services: You need your event company to be flexible. You should look for a company that is will to work with you if you have custom requests. If they are willing to work with you to provide you with services they do not normally offer, this is a good indication that they are a god choice to assist with your party.

Hiring the right service providers is the key to running an event without any issues. Look for companies that have a good track record of success, offer a wide variety of services, and are willing to go the extra mile to help you with your event.

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Why New Businesses Should Rent Office Space

Many people believe that opting to rent office space as opposed to buying it is a poor decision for a business or company. The general assumption is that you would be pouring money down the drain on a regular basis without enjoying ownership of the property even in the long term. However, although owning office space may be considered a worthwhile investment, there are several reasons why renting office space may be preferable for a new business.


When establishing a new business, the more affordable option is usually to rent office space. The amount you need to put up at the start when you rent is a lot lower than what you would need to buy property. Renting property will therefore allow you to invest in other crucial factors that directly affect your business growth, such as marketing.

Location Options

Purchasing premium offices in the city may not be an affordable option when you are just starting out. This would mean that you would probably have to opt for property outside the city if you absolutely have to own property. On the other hand, you can easily find affordable rental office options within the city. Remember that an office location that is accessible to potential customers is critical to your success as you look to build your clientele.

Room for Growth

Purchasing property when starting out a business may not be a good idea because as the business grows, your business needs will also change. For instance, you may require more space for more employees, or you may even need to move to a new location based on your clientele. It would be difficult to determine what your future needs will be when starting out, but when you rent office space, you have the flexibility you need to move to new premises when it becomes necessary to do so or renegotiate on the amount of space you need.

Overhead Costs

Purchasing office property generally allows you to know what your costs will be particularly if you get a fixed-rate loan for it. However, you will probably also have to deal with numerous overheads that might increase your expenses significantly. Generally, you can move into a rental office space immediately and if it is already furnished, you can start operating as soon as you move in. In addition, all the standard office facilities will already be in place, including utilities, the kitchen area, meeting rooms and reception areas. You may also be able to get IT support, post services and executive suits.

Making Your Decision

Opting to rent office space in Shoreditch is generally preferable for business people that cannot make the large upfront investment that is required when buying property. Note that your cash flow will be crucial especially during the first few years of doing business. Renting is also a good option if you are unsure about how much space you will ultimately need and if you would rather not deal with the various responsibilities and costs that owning commercial property brings with it. However, buying office space will ultimately make more sense as your business becomes more established and you have the finances to take up a large real estate investment.

Spherical Party Tents Lend a Unique Shape to Your Party Ideas

If you want the sort of party that calls for a great deal of wholesome fun and laughter, an indoor party isn’t always the way to go. Indoors are for more intimate gatherings, where family and friends can meet up and enjoy a quiet cup of punch or cocoa, and have a laugh or two before it’s time to go home. If you want room to run around and breathe fresh air, an outdoor party tent is the way to go! But do you want just any party tent? For an especially memorable experience, look into spherical party tents.

Regular triangular tents, sometimes called teepees, don’t have as much room inside for movement as spherical party tents. Spherical tents – also called dome tents – have canvas walls that form a semi-circle. There is more room from wall to wall – and from the floor to the ceiling, overall – than there would be in triangular tents. Canopies, closed or open, may offer a larger amount of space, but the design may be too plain and boring for those used to outdoor gatherings. Opt for a little novelty!

What makes a party tent? Well, usually it’s the people inside them – or, more accurately, the party people inside them. If you consider yourself a real party person, even the small confines of an outdoor tent can be fun – devise fun games and neat party tricks to keep the company lively and laughing.

Another thing that would classify a protective piece of canvas as a “party tent” would be the designs on it. Whatever shape you want for your tent, you can purchase one that has a blank or monochrome canvas. Then you can proceed to buy non-toxic canvas paints from your nearest art store, and have fun decorating your party tent with your family and friends. It’s not just the fun moments that occur inside a party tent that end up being memorable, after all – the act of decorating the tent itself could be a happy memory!

If you intend to host a large outdoor event, such as a children’s party or a family reunion, you can buy a lot of spherical party tents and set them up, one for each group or family. The people attending the party can then go “tent-hopping” and enjoy socializing with and getting to know the different residents of each tent! You can also devise a fame where people can hunt for different items that are hidden in some tents, with clues to set them on their way. Be creative – get uniquely designed party tents, and make unique party plans!